Abhishek Singh

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About Me

Passionate, enthusiastic, and Proficient in learning new skills and technologies. Believer of Leadership qualities and teamwork. An astute and an avid learner too. I am looking for an opportunity to showcase leadership and teamwork skills.

  • Birthday: 23rd August, 2002
  • Phone: +91 7001781191
  • Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)
  • Email: abhisinghdeveloper@outlook.com

I'm very interested in learning about and working on software development, machine learning models, web development, sustainability, and Cloud computing. I am looking for internships to help learn more useful skills and expand on my interests!

In my free time I like coding, listening to music, playing mobile games, football, and watching movies.



  • Languages: Python, C++, C
  • Skills: Data Structure, Algorithms, Git, OOP's. Web Development, Linux
  • Frameworks: Flask, Bootstrap (Front-end)
  • Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, SQL


  • Data Structure and Algorithms NanoDegree
  • Crash Course on Python -by Google
  • Machine Learnng Foundations
  • Front Web Development
  • Operating System


Experience & Internships

  • Member at Developer Students Club
  • Mentor for Python Programming at GirlScript
  • Software Engineering Virtual Internship at JP Morgan Chase & Co.
  • Virtual Internship at Skillenza



Chennai, Tamil Nadu


+91 7001781191